Rise of the brand “NaMo – Narendira Modi”

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Indian political climate has been dominated by the personalities rather seconded by the ideologies since the era of late Indira Gandhi. She has brought the new trend of winning elections with a strong personal appeal rather campaigning the mythos of the party to the voters. Just like a celebrity endorsing for soap or a shampoo, she endorsed the party’s identity as a person to encompass the vote banks. And, she established it successfully throughout her tenure and influenced the then Indian voters to catch hold of Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. It was literally a herculean task for the then opposition parties to languish her brand value from the minds of the Indian Voters. They could never able to accomplish it. Rather, the controversies strengthened her brand influence.
Mayhap, Narendra Modi is the next nearest successor to her in this kind of Political gameamongst various leaders Indian political podium has come across. His rapid rising brand is the talk of the nation since the country is in the desperate need of a determined leader for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections recover from the downfall.

Brand NaMo (Narendra Modi) of today has an interesting story behind. In October 2001, an unknown personality named Narendra Modi has become the CM of Gujarat. Thanks to Godhra issue in 2002, the country got to know about this unsung gentleman. That was indeed a bedrock happening which ignited the awareness of the personality NaMo to the nation. Acute criticisms on the riots from selective media torched his existence to the obscured states of the country. Subsequent controversies and criticisms tardily begot the brand NaMo with an impression of a decisive and bold leader of the state who protected the Hindus and in fact the Muslims from the outbursts of sensitive riots of the state.Though the actual scenes of Godhra riots still remain nebulous, he has gained his fame significantly. With the fame, the state has portrayed progressive economic development and prosperity in the concomitant years to add value to the brand NaMo.

With the fourth consecutive term has the CM, Modi has realized his brand importance and it’s the right time to project it towards the Lok Sabha elections. Hence, he has got into viral promotions in PR arena. He has started selling all his achievements, activities, promotions in Gujarat viaboth print and digital media in all possible means. His current focus is to the reach the masses at every corner of the country to ensure his existence. International PR & lobbying agency APCO is also behind his extravagant PR hype. Unfortunately, PR is good at influence but poor at coverage. In India, boots on the ground, hugging& kissing a dimpled old lady, stains on pure white kurta and eating roti in a poor house make huge difference in vote banks than online promotions. So, the penetration amongst diverse Indian Voters still remains grey.

Now, the biggest question mark is that whether there exists a huge lacuna between the hype and the reality. India is currently undergoing humongous problems in all fronts. So, only if the voting audience consider NaMo as the only leader or Godman who could beable to resolve everything and take the country towards the growing graph, he canprognosticatesome positive fortunes. Achieving this potent positioning in a throttled span isn’t a cake walk for a nascent contestant for the PM post. Fortunately, if he could able to establish this positioning in the minds of Indian Voters, he could definitely expect the promising brand loyalty from them in the offing. Indian history has ample instances to substantiate the brand loyalty no matter whether the market is commercial or political.

Still his capabilities remain unknown and debatable in most important issues which may dissolve the existing hype of the brand. Few considerable issues like poor HDI (Human Development Index) and BPL (Below Poverty Line) indicators of Gujarat even after hypes, hapless Muslim vote banks, lack of vicinity to masses and hampers from his own party members are really challenging for his brand extension.
Anyways, the game is still on. Let us see whether this brand NaMo creates another success story and Narendra Modi becomes the successor of Indira Gandhi in this polishing trend of politics.

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