Emerging face of Advertising in Bangalore

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What a cliche it is to start a topic like this,

by talking about how globalized and industrialized Bangalore is,

and hence how acutely advertising and marketing solutions are needed,

by the companies to emerge from the competition, deep seeded, 

And in changing times, to keep their image steady,

But anyway, I guess we cliched ourselves already. 

Bangalore – the buzzzzz

Now which city is called Garden city, Pub city, Silicon Valley of India, Pensioners paradise, Space city, Electronic city and Kollyood land? Yes, it is just one city. And yes, with so many sobriquets that one could even call it a sobriquet city.

The answer my dears, is none other than Bangalore city! The city of tree greens and high rise buildings’ sheens! The sweet home to many brand makers A.K.A advertising agencies – From the likes of O&M to the many highly creative and upcoming ones like P(x) and Origami Creative. And did you know that the Rs. 28,694 CRORE worth advertising industry in India which grows diligently every year – has got Bangalore city as one of the top candidates eating up a big share in the pie. 

Emerging face of Advertising in Bangalore

The emerging advertising agencies are rapidly changing the way ads were looked at previously. With a greater use of new media and increasingly global sensibilities, these agencies are the rewriting rules of the ad world. A look at the emerging face of advertising in Bangalore and one could see the brazen confidence of these ad makers who dare to be different and change with every new wave in the market.

Our Entrepreneur city (thanks to yet another sobriquet of Bangalore city) also has several enterprising young men and women who have started their own successful advertising agencies. Many of these agencies have bagged prestigious projects and awards sometimes even from the mouth of bigger ad agencies. This aptly shows that sometimes a rabbit could do a better ‘cute’ than possible for an elephant. The strong free thinking mentality professed by these agencies is clearly portrayed in their work.

The benefits for the clients of these emerging advertising agencies of Bangalore

These emerging advertising agencies can make their clients enjoy many pluses which are not just limited to the following:  

  • Agility of these agencies due to their compact size.
  • Their ability to take a greater amount of creative risk.
  • Increased communication between the members which increases the amount of synchronization.
  • The fact that the client could be in direct touch with the person creatively involved in making their ads.
  • Most of the times, these agencies are led by creative people with a strong entrepreneurial streak. These are the highly sought qualities for a successful advertising career today.

Challenges faced by the upcoming advertising agencies of Bangalore

  • The greatest challenge to these agencies of increasing their man power stably and profitably to beyond 10 creative people. Once they cross this threshold, there could be no looking back.
  • Stealing of ideas by other bigger companies.
  • Managing with fewer resources.
  • Outsourcing some part of their work and being dependent on freelancers.

What differentiates emerging advertising agencies of Bangalore from those of New Delhi and Mumbai?

Emerging face of advertising in Bangalore

But what truly differentiates the emerging advertising agencies of Bangalore from those of Mumbai and New Delhi could be it being less cynical than the former and more intellectually polished than the latter. Along with this Bangalore also enjoys streaks of strong south Indian cultural values which somehow give more colours to the ad scene here.

This creates a unique flavour for the Bangalorean ad agencies. What they can do for you, no one else can.

The Future

The emerging face of Advertising in Bangalore looks confident, earthy and yet dazzlingly glamorous. . With the Bangalore city developing SEZ after SEZ and global markets and brands all hankering after it, the dearth of work for the talented will never be. The bigger the city will grow, the merrier the emerging face of advertising in Bangalore will glow.  Furthermore innate brand of the charming Bangalore city will ensure for a long time to come that the Brand of Bangalore will always have its own brand of dashing, young and hep brand makers. Amen to that.

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