We believe in being creative not just in advertising and branding !!

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Creativity is the essence of P(x).From needle to bindhi, bindhi to lantern and from lantern to coffee art we believe in the enhancement of the brand.We have a vision that Brand is not a product,it is combination of feelings and dedication that are wrapped together and put forth.

It’s the sum of all the characteristics and distinctive appearance of brands is what P(x) offers.P(x) is the powerhouse of branding with bag full of experiences and unique ideas that are been incorporated for their branding purpose. For most of today’s clients branding ends with a logo or packaging, they forget all other touch points. We consider all possible opportunity and will not leave any of them.

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Ajeesh Njarakkadan
P(x) is an advertising agency in Bangalore, Brand and marketing consultants in Bangalore, Cochin, Ernakulam, Kerala. We believe in creating out of the box branding and ad solutions for our clients.
Ajeesh Njarakkadan

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