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Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia, the youngest metropolitan, is known for many things, its beautiful weather, the varied cultures, the lifestyle, the list goes on… Now, there is one more addition to this list, Advertising!

Ad agencies in Bangalore have become so popular over the past decade that almost every global agency is setting up a branch in Bangalore today. These agencies specialize in catering to a spectrum of clients varying from IT to Hospitality, Restaurants to Distilleries. And the works coming out of these creative boutiques are mesmerizing.

The success story of these ad agencies in Bangalore goes to the sheer interest in advertising and the passion to innovate. Over the years, many ad agencies in Bangalore have received heaps of accolades and appreciations from the advertising industry from across the world. Few of the agencies are top revenue generating agencies in the world.
P(x) is one such advertising agency in Bangalore and in just 5 years, we have proved our metal time and again. With 30 awards in our bag, we are one of the highest award winning medium size ad agencies in Bangalore and have been doing this consistently in awards like Big Bang and Pepper.

It is our desire to create brands that has driven us to such fame. In just three years, we have worked with few organisations which are the industry leaders in their respective forte. Our signature touch of innovation in every work that we send out has brought us fame and respect from our clients, advertising industries and the general public. We strive towards achieving this time and again and have never failed in delivering only the best.
We as an agency will grow along the industry and will see advertising industry in Bangalore shine in all its glory and be a part of said glory.

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Ajeesh Njarakkadan
P(x) is an advertising agency in Bangalore, Brand and marketing consultants in Bangalore, Cochin, Ernakulam, Kerala. We believe in creating out of the box branding and ad solutions for our clients.
Ajeesh Njarakkadan

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