Ajeesh Njarakkadan

Ajeesh p(x) Owner

Bangalore & Cochin-based Advertising, Brand Marketing & Communication Expert

Njarakkadan Ajeesh, friends call me Aje in short, a chemical engineer lost in the world of brands and fell in love with that dynamic and challenging world. I started my career with SAB Miller Trade Marketing Team where I took care of all BTL activities for Foster’s, Royal Challenge, KnockOut and Hayward’s for Karnataka.

Though liquor was challenging, a start-up telecom company throw a better one. We worked with best of Indian branding agencies, created a brand for Indian market and launched it in to market through different operators. Next crusade was through advertising powerhouses of Bangalore: Saatchi & Saatchi, Thousand Suns and Leo Burnet. Advertising gave an opportunity to work with the best of Indian corporates like Jyothi Labs, TTK, TVS, Indus League, SAB Miller etc.

A few regional brands like Bhima Jewellers, KaatiZone and John Distillers also gave a great opportunity to sharpen the branding skills. The branding of Fabric Spa from Jyothi group is a good example where I have put my experience in to practice. Fabric Spa brand was created and extended into all touch points and communication elements. The challenges thrown in by jobs were not enough to tie down the Entrepreneurial spirit in me and I took the calling and started the Journey called P(X), a brand solutions agency.

The name P(x) came from the mathematical function f(x), a function of variable x. 'P's are the pillars of marketing. Every marketer plays with variables to create suitable equation of P’s. In P(x) we are trying to solve this equation to develop the best branding and communication plan for our clients.

Specialties: Branding, Marketing, Advertising & Communication Bangalore & Cochin-based Consultant

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