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What do you do

when a client comes to you,

with a product they launched lovingly,

but that became a still born baby,

soon after its launch in the market?


A couple of questions later, you understand.

The product is a chair and the market is flooded with them enough already to deprive all the newcomers of breathing space or any consumer attention.

Wasn’t that obvious, you ask (yourself, of course)

Now our client wants to re-launch these chairs with a vengeance and they choose us as their accomplice in this.

Now how can you make a chair seem awesome? What’s so great about a chair? What’s so great about sitting?

We have our jobs to do so we think.

Think. Chair. Imagine. Sitting. Feel. Comfort. Bottom. Back. Neck.

Few hours and coffee cups later, with the jammed blood flow to our legs, all our minds asked was, what’s so great about sitting?

It looks like something simple, banal, everyday…. Something as common to our lives as eating and sleeping. How do we make a brand out of this?

History tells us that it is the simple things we take for granted…. We thought it interesting to note that we spend most of our waking time, sitting…and the devil is in the details.

And then came the idea – like a flash of lightning in a (ch)airy sky.


Imagine a day without sitting.

That’s exactly what we made our consumers think about by plastering our message on park benches, metro train seats, bus seats and railway train seats. Imagine a day without sitting.

When you stand, you understand the importance of sitting. And when you are sitting, you would want additional comforts that only our chair sutra could understand perfectly.  Now after you’re done with imagining a day without sitting, we welcome you to experience the perfect sitting experience.

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