Bangalore – The story of a brand

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How the place named as the town of boiled beans ‘bende kaalu ooru' came to be known as the silicon valley of India, is surely one heck of a brand story. Bangalore has arrived to stay on the global map, ready to make everyone in the east to the west roll their tongues with Bengalooru .

One thing most people can’t get enough of is the cool Bangalore climate. On a deeper note one could see that the climate of Bangalore is not just a boring cool – it is in fact like the moods of a terribly charming but an unpredictable woman. A chilly morning would give rise to a super hot afternoon and then again, it may rain all of a sudden in the evening leading to a cold cold night. The predictability of the unpredictably fascinating Bangalore climate creates an absolutely unique image for the place.

Places to chill? The garden city has been popular in this regard since the Mughal era with the presence of gorgeous and lavishly entertaining hotspots. Today with the outsourced work lapping IT crowd, these hotspots have turned into several pubs, resorts, clubs, and fine dining places to get this city the apt title of the pub city.  The gardens haven’t all gone, the pubs have all come up and the brand of Bangalore became distinctive with its greenery in co-existence with its booze and jazz.

The Brand got bigger and got people coming in from rest of the India and the world, coming to it to get a taste of it. Rise in the sale of luxury villas, apartments, serviced apartments was the next big high for the city. Eventually, the hour long Bangalore traffic caught the eye. The city’s cosy old fashioned roads weren’t all prepared  and so now people literally eat their breakfast, comb their hair, apply make -up, read books and even brush their teeth and change clothes, stuck in the kilometres long Bengalooru traffic.

The blending of different cultures, traditions, people, languages, religions, social and economic statuses, Kollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood with anything new which comes up that the breezily cool Bangalore city opens up to with arms wide open – has created an iconic status for it.

How did this brand develop? One could see several reasons for it yet its huge development on a global scale is nothing short of awe and wonder. To think it out aloud, the brand was always there – the wonderful climate, the greenery, the valour of Tipu Sultan, Indian Institute of Science, the lovely lakes and the green gardens, now the huge MNCs, high rise apartments, metro transport, international airport, world class entertainment parks, performance by international artists, The Art of Living International Ashram, Vrindavan Ashram, Sri Sathya Sai Baba Hospital, Closeness to Mysore, Ooty, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, Kerela, Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher, Deepika Padukone, H.D Deve Gowda, Anushka Sharma, Pankaj Advani, Lakshmi Menon – the brand of Bangalore is nothing new. It had existed in the past, it exists right now and based on the strength of its brand until now, The Brand of Bangalore, will always exist.

One of the Highest Award Winning ad Agency

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Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia, the youngest metropolitan, is known for many things, its beautiful weather, the varied cultures, the lifestyle, the list goes on… Now, there is one more addition to this list, Advertising!

Ad agencies in Bangalore have become so popular over the past decade that almost every global agency is setting up a branch in Bangalore today. These agencies specialize in catering to a spectrum of clients varying from IT to Hospitality, Restaurants to Distilleries. And the works coming out of these creative boutiques are mesmerizing.

The success story of these ad agencies in Bangalore goes to the sheer interest in advertising and the passion to innovate. Over the years, many ad agencies in Bangalore have received heaps of accolades and appreciations from the advertising industry from across the world. Few of the agencies are top revenue generating agencies in the world.
P(x) is one such advertising agency in Bangalore and in just 5 years, we have proved our metal time and again. With 30 awards in our bag, we are one of the highest award winning medium size ad agencies in Bangalore and have been doing this consistently in awards like Big Bang and Pepper.

It is our desire to create brands that has driven us to such fame. In just three years, we have worked with few organisations which are the industry leaders in their respective forte. Our signature touch of innovation in every work that we send out has brought us fame and respect from our clients, advertising industries and the general public. We strive towards achieving this time and again and have never failed in delivering only the best.
We as an agency will grow along the industry and will see advertising industry in Bangalore shine in all its glory and be a part of said glory.

Complete Branding Solution

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P(x) is one of the leading ad agency in south of India that not only revolves around marketing it acts like a complete bouquet of branding, marketing and advertising. We advertise to enlighten the brands and products that customers can correlate to and also can share with the other people around. this is one of the ads done for our consumer durable brand OWN.

We believe in delivering the product or brand by the best possible way of advertising. By advertising we bring in hope and belief that our experience has helped us to cultivate innovative ideas for your brands or products. We are P(x).

P(x) Bangalore Office

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P(x) makes you understand that advertising your brand is as necessity as the water for our existence.We are here to help and configure your problems so that we could provide you with amazing and unique ideas to promote your brands.
We create a world that is filled with creativity of colors and vibrant ideas.We help you in becoming a Rock-Star in the field of branding and marketing.P(x) is the best agency to experiment and reinvent your products for better marketing procedure so we have to reinvent ourselves before coming to you. Our work spaces are a representation of our beliefs and mindsets. These are created by the people and for the people of P(x). You may see a chair fixed on to the roof representation of our brand beliefs.
You are always welcome to walk in and experience our creativity in P(x) Bangalore office.

We believe in being creative not just in advertising and branding !!

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Creativity is the essence of P(x).From needle to bindhi, bindhi to lantern and from lantern to coffee art we believe in the enhancement of the brand.We have a vision that Brand is not a product,it is combination of feelings and dedication that are wrapped together and put forth.

It’s the sum of all the characteristics and distinctive appearance of brands is what P(x) offers.P(x) is the powerhouse of branding with bag full of experiences and unique ideas that are been incorporated for their branding purpose. For most of today’s clients branding ends with a logo or packaging, they forget all other touch points. We consider all possible opportunity and will not leave any of them.